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The owner/founder of Higher Ed Hustle in Buffalo, NY recognizes the increasing cost of education, as well as how confusing student loans and taxes can be. By individually assessing each client’s financial condition, we are able to create a customized plan to optimize student loan repayment and college savings goals.

Our primary office and mailing address is in Fountain Plaza in downtown Buffalo, NY between the business and theatre districts, steps from the city’s free portion of the Metro rail. As a service based business, the focus remains on our clients and meeting their needs. Sometimes that means travelling to them, and that’s quite alright.

The executive team at Higher Ed Hustle has a number of trusted advisers, and resources for marketing and business development as her strengths lie in the numbers (pun intended). As the first (currently only) Certified College Financial Consultant in WNY, Ms. Bailey is excited to share her knowledge and experience related to higher education cost management. Also as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), she is no stranger to high standards and is committed to continuous improvement for not only herself, but the quality and cost of living for her clients.

Check out our site at (facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram business profiles are also available).

Rebecca Bailey
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